An amazing tour, full of “ hidden” treasures, wonderful nature, stunning view and yummy local food.
An “all weather” tour and really cool for the summer heat waves.
You are going to love it!


  • 9:00 pick up
  • First stop is the Mycenaean Vaulted Tomb in Acharnes. A remarkable monument at least 2500 years old, the most ancient monument of its kind in Attica.
  • Next, the Archaeological Collection museum in Acharnes where you can admire objects from the Tomb and the local area, that present great historical interest.
  • Time to climb the mountain of Parnitha by bus until the Teleferik station. The bus continues its way, as we take the cable car to lift up until Mont Parnes Casino. The city view during this special ride is breathtaking.
  • As we reach the Casino, we visit the small Museum of Parnitha, learning about local flora, animals and history. Parnitha is a protected area with great value to Athens sustainability and quality of life. There will be enough time to take some unique photos and videos.
  • Bus pick up to continue a little further until Flabouri shelter. Breathe deeply in 1.158 m high and enjoy the view as far as the eye can see, in every direction. Short hiking, exploring around and getting familiar with the mountain and dining at the shelters lounge tasting fresh, local recipes.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Tips & info

  • Bring a hat, sun cream, comfortable shoes, a jacket (the temperature is always lower than the city) and of course a photo camera!
  • You‘ll be provided with all the info you need about the places you visit during the tour.
  • Dining in the shelter is not included in the tour price. Restaurant prices are fair and the food is fresh and well cooked. Please inform us about the number of the people who wish to dine in the shelter.
  • Otherwise you can bring your lunch too and enjoy it in the shelter.
  • For any special requests please contact us or inform your hotel.
  • Availability check at least 4 days before the requested date.
  • In case of a last moment request kindly contact us.
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