Be A Happy Tourist is about visitors who wish to have a beautiful and rich experience during their stay in Athens.

It’s about people who are seeking to get familiarized with the local history & civilization and get involved in alternative activities, gaining multiple benefits by the end of the day.

Happy Tours offer you:

  • Access to amazing “hidden” places other than the classical spots but equally interesting.
  • Authentic and absolutely tasteful local cuisine.
  • Energy boosts” and treatments by experts in wellness.
  • Expansion of your mind, heart, body & soul.

Happy Tours can be:

  • Relaxing
  • Refreshing
  • Educative
  • Spiritual 
  • Entertaining

Happy tours connect you with the people, the nature and the culture – and, more importantly, they connect you with yourself.

Walking Tours

Themed walking tours in the city of Athens, focusing in special themes such us architecture, local events, special occasions etc.


Happy Mt Tour: Royal Palace in Tatoi

An amazing tour, full of “ hidden” monuments, wonderful nature, a royal palace and a royal pic-nic!!! It is a romantic tour & a family tour at the same time and totally recommended during the summer heat waves.


Happy Mt Tour: Parnitha

An amazing tour, full of “ hidden” treasures, wonderful nature, stunning view and yummy local food. An “all weather” tour but really effective during the summer heat waves.



We love to organize and offer you wellness experiences in every field, tested and approved by our team.