Who we are

Simple people who love our country, studied and specialized in tourism & other fields and with great respect in people’s needs, wishes and requests.

As we believe in authenticity of life, knowledge and primary values, those are the qualities we aim for you to experience during your stay:

  • Authentic and memorable experiences
  • True knowledge and interaction with Hellenic civilization, people, culture and nature.
  • Full body, soul and mind revitalization and healing.

What we offer

Be A Happy Tourist is about visitors who wish to have a beautiful and rich experience during their stay in Athens.

It’s about people who are seeking to get familiarized with the local history & civilization and get involved in alternative activities, gaining multiple benefits by the end of the day.

Happy Tours offer you:

  • Access to amazing “hidden” places other than the classical spots but equally interesting.
  • Authentic and absolutely tasteful local cuisine.
  • Energy boosts” and treatments by experts in wellness.
  • Expansion of your mind, heart, body & soul.

Happy Tours can be:

  • Relaxing
  • Refreshing
  • Educative
  • Spiritual 
  • Entertaining

Happy tours connect you with people, nature and culture and more importantly, they connect you with yourself.

Just.. Be a Happy Tourist!

Our Team

Our team is our soul. Each member is experienced and specialized in tourism and other fields too. More importantly, each member has certain qualities and character that are absolutely necessary to support the Be a Happy Tourist team.
Stergios Tsirekas

He is kind, energetic, cheerful and sensitive, experienced in transfer & tour guiding in Greece and England. An amazing person ready to give many Happy Tours.

John Glyniadakis

An architect who has studied many historical buildings, published scientific articles and experienced in tour guiding in Greece and Italy. ​A wonderful guide and companion, just perfect to offer you a Special Happy Tour with the sweetest smile!

Evi Spirou

She has studied Business administration in Tourism, mostly involved in alternative tourism such usagrotourism and has organized various activities. As a Reiki practitioner too, she is also organising special tours that offer not only culture and nature exploring but a deeper body & soul revitalizing.